A Little Cheese with that Wine- Weekend Fourteen

Another lazy Sunday afternoon, with just the slightest of a gentle chill in the air, could only result in one thing: another trip down a winery stream. This time around, we decided to give the places a little closer to home a try. Alex’s mom joined in the fermented journey as we took a ride out to Saratoga Springs, NY to see what grape imposed treasures they held.

Our trip started us at the Saratoga Winery. Amongst the three of us, there is a huge difference in taste preference. At the very least, we could agree that some of their more novelty wines were fantastic. If you find yourself about that way, make sure you give the Torched Cherry Bomb, Bloodroot, and Hillbilly Mash a go around.


Of all the places we have been, the display of the tasting was greatly improved. Instead of being given a single glass that followed pour, drink, repeat, we were given a tree of 5 glasses, each with a different wine that we selected to try. This being a nice touch in and of itself, they offered cheese and chocolate pairings. We opted to not follow their guides directly, since that resulted in a preset wine list, but got a cheese plate with chocolate truffles as aside. May I say, their suggested pairings were spot on and damn near perfect.


Traveling a little further into downtown Saratoga, we happened across Putnam Wine, where they were offering free wine tastings. Now, these tastings were just two specific batches that they were showing off, but they were almost a full glass of each. Alex is a little more prone to red, but the offer of a good white put Nicole and Alex’s mom in paradise.

The final wine stop of the day left us at Swedish Hill Winery. Not much can be said about here accept that it was wonderfully quaint shop with one of the best holiday selections I had ever seen. Needless to say, 2 bottles of the Winter Red ended up heading back down south in preparation for holiday decorating.


Now, anyone who knows Alex knows that he has a bit of an unhealthy love affair with coffee. So, when walking down Broadway in Saratoga we saw a coffee label for a group call Death Wish Coffee, the hunt was on. Coming across Saratoga Coffee Traders, we popped in for a couple of holiday lattes. With too many options to list, Nicole ordered a s’mores latte , Alex ended up getting an English Toffee latte, and his mom got a sugerfree flavored coffee. They may live up to their title of strongest coffee in the world. To say it was some of the best we’d ever had would be an understatement given that we drove the hour out there for another one the next day.

Another impromptu day of tastings with loved ones. No one can ever say the north has a shortage of alcohol and coffee. Of all the tastings that we have done, this one may have been one of the more relaxing. The Saratoga Winery will absolutely see our faces again in the future.


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