Thanksgiving Festivities- Weekend Thirteen

The joyous holiday of Thanksgiving has arrived. Traditionally, we would take time to spread our gratefulness of the year’s harvest and the bounty that was collected. Now, in a more modernized sense, this day is a chance to take a break from our ever-hectic lives to spend some time with loved ones and reflect on the bounty of fortune and joy we have.

Being in our own home for the first time, it only made sense that we held thanksgiving here; the first leg of it at least. Amidst the turning of busy schedules, we found time to prepare a holiday fest fit for natives and pilgrims alike. Beyond the usual turkey, stuffing, potatoes, mac n’ cheese, etc., the crowning jewel of the meal was the  Maple custard apple tart that Nicole planned.


Nicole originally saw the tart on pinterest and decided she had to make it. The original tart was a walnut crusted maple apple tart that was from a lovely blog. The blog and recipe where you can find the tart is from  Hipfoodiemom. The tart was light and creamy with a beautiful hint of maple. Nicole replaced the apricot jam with homemade vanilla bean peach jam and may I say it was delicious. She also made her’s with a graham cracker crust due to some nut allergies of guest attending thanksgiving.  Nicole linked the tart recipe at the bottom for anyone who wants to give it a try.

Once Alex’s family arrived from their long trek north, places were seat and the thankfulness of a year well spent commenced. This included the nacho bar Alex insisted on. At the end of our first attempt at a Thanksgiving lunch, which went rather painlessly if you ask me, the two of us packed up for the 3 hour trip back down to NJ.

Stage two of this 2015 Thanksgiving marathon feast took us back to Nicole’s family and their time of joy and reflection. Don’t worry, Nicole’s tart still made an appearance with a second one. From all ends of the eastern seaboard, families took some time to gather and look back with one another.

This is going to sound a little cliché, but aside from the multitude of blessings that we have received in this year alone, I think the greatest is still the fact that we are finally together. This house tucked up in the mountains has brought the two of us closer than we had imagined, and for that I could not be more thankful.



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